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Each country is facing huge loads of consular work every single hour of the day and tracking all this work can become a bottleneck sometimes due to the numerous operations. VIRTUAL CONSULAR is an integrated solution to build an electronic system to provide consular services and diplomatic missions in any country. VIRTUAL CONSULAR provides the highest security screening rates for all applications submitted either by nationals of the country or by foreigners applying for a visa to visit this country. The solution provides a digital database that preserves all transaction data submitted on each application in addition to a detailed statistical reporting system for all electronic payment transactions the system is affected with, which provides a combined account for all consular services receipts. This solution is implemented in The Cameroon Consular Office in Egypt which helps in operating their work not only in Egypt, but in 5 other countries.


VIRTUAL CONSULAR solution is aligned with the 8th Sustainable Development Goal proposed by the United Nations – Decent Work and Economic Growth.