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CARE ( Census and Appraisal of Real Estate wealth)

Egypt’s population is increasing more and more every day and automatically the real estate of the country is increasing in an exponential rate too to withstand the on growing capacity. Hence, there was a major problem to anticipate the Real Estate Wealth as there are no means to track each and every real state in the country; thus affecting the Real Estate Market and any inevitable collapse in the Banking Sector. CARE is the solution.  A massive and fully comprehensive Data Base that hosts the entire national properties, Private and Public Ownership, the appraised value of some and is constantly being updated with the various economic ratios to ensure the validity of the values. How is this possible? CARE is built on a wide scale and includes:

  • Building the GIS System including the Geo Database
  • Preparing the Census plan for whole geographical zones.
  • Building The survey forms for each geographical zone (Master List)
  • Developing the Upload/Download Data collection System Using Handheld Devices

CARE solution is aligned with the 11th Sustainable Development Goal proposed by the United Nations – Sustainable Cities and Communities.