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Selective Projects List

  • Ministry of Foreign Trade - National Defense Council (TRD)
    - Installation of data network including 3500 node, telephone network with 4000 node, access control system, CCTV system & Satellite system.
  • Ministry of Defense – Air defense force
    - Installation of data ecquisition system with data network & voice network linked with radar base system – Air Traffic Control System.
  • Neuclar Authority Head Office - Natinal Defense Council
    - Installation of data & power network inside the Main Office at Katamya to link whole Compuse Buildings with one data network.
  • ElNasr Company for Development & Housing
    - Installation of data network in the main site & the other branches in Egypt with a wan connection.
  • Central Bank of Egypt - Natinal Defense Council (TRD)
    - Data Network for 2 Branches with total nodes 560 Data Outlet.
    - Installation of CCTV system , voice network & data network inside the central banks of Egypt.
  • Alexandria Port - National Defense Council (TRD)
    - Installation of the cable conduits for CCTV network inside the whole port.
  • Ministry of finance - National Defense Council (TRD)
    - Installation of data network of 500 node, voice network of 500 node, access control system & CCTV system
  • National Defense Council – National security department
    - Installation of fiber optic cable and re weld of 4 fiber optic cables and changing their route.